Real Estate Marketing: Will Instagram or Facebook Boost Your Business More (Infographic)

When done properly, social media can be a huge boost to your real estate business.

81.1% of brokers and real estate agents use Facebook for their social media marketing efforts.

The Made in America Movement, 2019 RE Report

But simply being on social media and posting listings is not enough. That’s one of the reasons so many of my team coaching and keynotes focus on effectively using social media as part of your marketing machine.

This infographic walks through Facebook versus Instagram for real estate marketing.

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Instagram vs Facebook: Which Can Your Real Estate Business More? These insights will help you launch a successful social media marketing campaign through the right channel.


  • What does Instagram have to offer?
    • More than 1 billion active users on a monthly basis
    • Around 500 million daily active users
    • 110 million of all these users are outside the U.S
  • What does Facebook have to offer?
    • Has 2.4 billion monthly active users
    • So if you’re looking to increase visibility alone, Facebook wins


  • Instagram
    • On an average day, users share more than 95 million photos and videos
    • These posts yield a total of about 4.2 billion likes in a single day
  • Facebook
    • Doesn’t perform as well as instagram
    • Has the second-highest audience engagement rate among all social networks according to Locowise

Traffic Engagement

  • Stay 45% longer than visitors from Facebook & 40% longer than visitors from Twitter

Bottom line

You have to think about your goals and what you wish to achieve from the campaign. The benefits of Facebook and Instagram are highly subjective.

Instagram will give you Better Engagement and let you Reach a Younger Audience. Facebook will give you Higher Visibility and help you in Distributing Information

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